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We provide daily nutrition, clothing and adequate shelter for orphans and less privileged children, vocational workshops such as sewing, painting, farming, we assist with medical and educational needs and empowerment workshops and continued support.

Defend Them Young

Huldah was born in Sierra Leone but spent most of her childhood life in Nigeria her paternal home and the Gambia where she gained her early education. Growing up as a young girl Huldah has always loved to repair her spoilt toys instead of asking for help from an elderly relative or the workshop. As her interest grew for repairing broken things around the home even her family trusted her to repair their broken TV and Fan.

“From high school I had already set my career goals to become a Mechanical Engineer, said Huldah. She added, most of my female friends had the perception that such courses are for boys, but I was determined to break that chain.

In 2017, Huldah enrolled at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology (MMCET) for a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. At that time, she was the only female among ten males “I had to work really hard to reach my set goals”, Huldah said.

As she discovered other talents within, Huldah thought of a switch to journalism. Her vision is to use the journalism platform to build on her activism for women and girls. Huldah is an alumna of Restless Development, she has also worked for a solar company named Smiling Through Light, worked at CGG (Campaign for Good Governance) as a communications officer, volunteer at Network Aid as Country coordinator, volunteer at Impact Salone as the Female Empowerment Director.

Currently a speaker and country representative in Sierra Leone for Women Ascension also the Founder and Director of Defend Them Young Orphanage and Less Privileged Home.

Huldah Imah
Founder, Defend Them Young

Female Empowerment

On the 27th of December, 2021, Community Hands Organization Supported Defend Them Young Orphanage and Less Privileged Home to host a one day Women’s Empowerment Conference.
Female empowerment is all about equipping women and allowing women to make
decisions related to their life through the different problems in society.
Empowerment includes raising women’s status through education, career, literacy, training, and other aspects of life. Female empowerment is defined as promoting a woman’s self-worth and their ability to do things based on their own choices and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.
“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants” is a quote by Coco Chanel.
Female empowerment is important because it is imperative that women utilize their skills, follow their padding and stay motivated. There are times when your family doesn’t support you in your decisions, and that is when you need to stand for yourself. And empowering yourself is very important and much needed, which will determine you as a woman. Women are often seen as housewives and caretakers, but today, women are professionals, they are entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs. They need our support.
Female empowerment is essential because empowering a woman is giving the women their rights. They deserve equal rights. Female empowerment is not only crucial at their home but also wherever they go.
Much gratitude to our various speakers, sponsors, volunteers and attendees.
A very big thank you to Africell American Corner.
Special Thanks to CHO’s executives Christine Willson and Adama Kalokoh for coming all the way from America to create an impact in the lives of this women. Women’s Ascension Maheen Amjad & Muhammad Shaharyar Anis Thank you for joining us via zoom and for the brilliant presentations. Miss Miatta Marke of Cole Street guest house thanks a million for creating the opportunity for these young women.
PC: Moses Salone Putin
Written by: CHO’S local NGO in Sierra Leone, Ms. Huldah Imah-Paul, DFY
Female Empowerment
Female Empowerment
Female Empowerment
Holiday meal shared at Defend Them Young Orphanage. Thanks to director Huldah Imah-Paul and team who worked with CHO to make this day possible.
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These young children once lived in a happy home with both parents until death came and stole their happiness of parenthood from them. Can you start to imagine how traumatizing it was to lose their father first, and then their mother? These kids were forced out of childhood and had to start caring for themselves, feeding and clothing themselves, because their grandmother is too old to take care of them. They go to bed hungry when luck doesn’t shine on them and some days they go to school without lunch and return to a temporary home without food. The sleepless nights of these kids, their never-ending tears and pains have made them look much older than their age. Each day they pray for hope and a helper to come their way the little girl said to Director Huldah Imah- Paul at Defend Them Young Orphanage and Less Privilege home. They also expressed how much they missed their parents daily especially on their birthdays, Christmas, and New year’s but death stole the most precious gift they had and left them in this lonely evil world to fight for their survival. The siblings expressed,  “If only life can bring us hope by sending someone who cares and love us like their own then we believe that life will become better for us”.
Community Hands Organization is working closely with Defend Them Young to find a location that has more rooms so she can care for the siblings full time.
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Community Hands Organization visited King George’s Old Peoples home over the holidays in 2021 with food items to assist with many great dishes during the holidays.
The elderly people here need clothes, help with food, and consistent health care.
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Special thanks to Florence Savage and Rosetta Bickersteth for their donation.